Vision & Mission

* The school enables students to develop a realistic approach towards life where responsibilities must be assumed, failures accepted and tragedies lived through, without losing sight of an inspiring idealism

* To strike a between moral, spiritual and vocational instruction.

* To make extra ordinary out of ordinary human beings.

* To provide a conducive learning environment to the child.

* To be the fountainhead of new ideas and innovations and continue to be a source for the community.


The school aims to instill in each student strong ethics and moral values and developing a technology savvy personality in them which equips them with the best of what world has to offer. We prepare the future in the way we live each day.

W.G.A. Advantage

  •  Pioneering application of ‘Accelerated Learning’ education methodology.
  •  Innovative and enriching learning culture.
  •  Use of computer technology in every subject area.
  •  Enormous range of intellectual and physical development opportunities.
  •  Emphasis on personal enrichment activities like art-craft, music, theatre, and outdoor/ indoor sports.
  •  Talent incubation.
  •  Educational outings and trips.
  •  International exposure for children.
  •  A strong value system.
  •  Highly committed and well-qualified staff.
  •  World-class equipment and facilities.
  •  Every classroom is equipped with CC Cameras for monitoring and recording classroom activities at every moment.