Welcome To The Walia Global Academy


PRINCIPAL – Shyam Prakash Tiwari

Principal’s Message

Mahatma Gandhiji said “By education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man in body, mind, and spirit. Education aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive, and useful members of society. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are built through learning experiences and opportunities created for learners in school. We at Walia Global Academy prepare the students to meet the challenges of life and mould them into civilized and better citizens. We help the students to identify their talents and develop them to the optimum. We ensure that our students are exposed to the right learning environment under the guidance of qualified and dynamic teachers.

WGA believes in education with thinking BIG. Every small thought has some weight of its own. We encourage our students to think and rethink in depth and come out with unique ideas that inspire them to live and grow big with a difference. Our school has always taken up activities which give wide exposure to students and help them enhance their skills. WGA inculcates and instils students with confidence that “I can do it” and “we will do it”

Here again, parental involvement in a child’s education process is both a gift to the child and the school. This partnership is strongly encouraged and highly valued at our school.

We welcome your child to this valuable institution. We promise to provide all the facilities and opportunities possible to make your child successful in society.